Das Can-in-Stein Beer Holder

Posted: June 03, 2017
Das Can-in-Stein Beer Holder
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Hate to say it, but Das Can-in-Stein seems kinda like a sippy cup for beer drinkers. Not that it will prevent dudes from dribbling when they take a swig, but that the tankard's lid will keep the ones who have had too many, or who are just clumsy and deficient of depth perception, from knocking over a full one and ruining the pizza / the Catan board / your pants. In other words, Das Can-in-Stein is the perfect beer gift for guys who can't handle Das Horn and Das Boot.

Das Can-in-Stein is made of resin fashioned to look like pewter, perhaps to further its sneaky imposter persona, perhaps to make dis stein more affordable for the types of beer drinkers who will want to buy it. Slide any standard 12-ounce can into the scaffolding and use the thumb lever to lift and lower its hinged lid for suds consumption.

In case you're wondering if Das Can-in-Stein is dishwasher- and microwave-safe, the answer is nein.

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