Cthulhu Titanium Bottle Opener

Posted: April 30, 2017
Cthulhu Titanium Bottle Opener
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Maybe Alex Jacques' interest in a Cthulhu bottle opener began with his interest in straight razors. The craftsman started out, and continues to forge, what he hopes you'll consider "the finest handmade straight razors available today." With a passion for both their precision for daily use and design as functional pieces of art, I'll bet he looked at an image of Cthulhu one day and thought, Dude, that guy could use an Alex Jacques razor. And then he cracked open a beer as he imagined razing off a fistful of tentacles, and went, On second thought, maybe I can put that face to better use.

The Cthulhu Capper you see here is Jacques' titanium version of his Lovecraftian bottle opener. It's 1/4" thick with a stonewashed finish. Jacques says he'll make easy work of any seal blocking you from your bottle's sweet contents and, like his razors, will last a lifetime.

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