Cabidor Door Storage Cabinet

Posted: December 17, 2014
Cabidor Classic Storage Cabinet
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Behind Door #1 we have...a full-length pantry of Combos and Cap'n Crunch! And Behind Door #1-1/2 we have...a dozen classic NES cartridges, a coupla Koosh balls, and VHS cassettes of the best porn from my childhood (circa 1985 Traci Lords--Boom!) Wednesday evening, my friends, is shaping up to look not so shabby after all.

The Cabidor Classic is a shelving system that mounts to nearly any existing door. It's both a space saver and an indication of the mysterious, Houdinian air you like to pair with your household goods. The full-length unit boasts the storage capacity of 5 standard medicine cabinets with its 8 retention rods for taller items, 6 adjustable shelves, and pair of fixed shelves.

Cabidor Classic storage cabinets attach behind any standard door with a set of hinge pins and their patented hanging hardware. The entire installation process takes minutes, and won't leave behind any holes in the pre-existing door.

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