Butter Buddies - Mess-Free Butter Spreaders for Corn

Posted: July 06, 2018
Butter Buddies - Mess-Free Butter Spreaders for Corn
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It's the Summer of Corn. Be it the cob kind, the popped kind, the tortilla-ed kind, or the uni kind, not a hotter-than-balls day has gone by these past few weeks that I haven't buddied up to some corn. And while I'm loath to invite a third buddy into the bromance, I think a Butter Buddy might actually improve the relationship.

Butter Buddies are butter holders and spreaders that allow you to grease up your corn (and your unicorn pool floats!) mess-free. The cob-styled squares have suction cups on their bottoms to secure them to your plate, a center chamber sized for a fat slice of milkfat, and side edges curved to accommodate the placement and roll-slathering of your corn on the cob. Team up the Butter Buddies with a set of Shark Corn Holders, and you'll get perfectly slicked cobs without getting your hands - or your plate, napkin, table, and left earlobe - coated in butter.

Butter Buddies are made of food-grade silicone and come in sets of 4.

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