BruMate MargTini Insulated Margarita Martini Tumbler

Posted: April 29, 2020
BruMate MargTini Insulated Margarita Martini Tumbler
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The BruMate MargTini insulated margarita martini tumbler is like Cinco de Mayo shaken up with Mother's Day and served on the decorative rocks in the backyard with a shelter-in-place twist.

MargTini non-glassware is made of vacuum-insulated stainless steel that keeps margaritas, martinis, or any cocktail you like chilled and condesation-free for as long as it takes you to take down the 10 ounces of happiness it holds. For sippers (and sippy cup fans) MargTini tumblers come with clear plastic lids with slide tabs, the latter also accommodating to straws and swizzle sticks. For those drinking lidless, the MargTini has a slim-rim design that mimics that of a traditional martini glass.

Adding some mom-friendly flair to the MargTini tumblers are their dozen-plus exterior finish choices, which include Glitter Mermaid, Carrera Marble, and Neon Pink. If you need a gift for your girlfriend, you can't go wrong with a MargTini tumbler either.

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