Brass Ship Wheel Nutcracker

Posted: November 09, 2018
Brass Wheel Nutcracker
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Typically the words "ship" and "crack" do not go well together. But here, reimagined as a countertop brass ship wheel and nutcracker, they make a mighty fine pair, and give your unopened pecans and walnuts, your almonds and Brazils, and even your lobsters and crab claws a nautical twist.

The Ship Wheel Nut and Seafood Cracker's ship captain's wheel is made of solid brass strong enough to tackle pretty much any nut or shell, minus the hard black walnut, which, like my friend Cornelius' new girlfriend, is one tough nut to crack. I think she has some combination of Asperger's, ADD, and /or a lazy eye.

The crack knob cracker on the ship wheel, and its stable wood base provide for reliable cracking without the high level of elbow grease and injury risk something like this nutcracker would require.

The brass ship wheel nutcracker would make a great gift for Dad this year, or for any other nutty dude or lady you know.

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