BoozeBrella Covert Umbrella Flask

Posted: July 07, 2018
BoozeBrella Covert Umbrella Flask
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The BoozeBrella covert umbrella flask steps in when it's crap weather and raining, and you don't really have a good reason to be smuggling your booze in to festivals, sporting events, and Mormon weddings inside a covert sunscreen flask.

Made in over a dozen different colors by Smuggle Mug, the BoozeBrella looks and feels like a real umbrella right down to its nylon cover and braided carry strap. However, if you're really concerned about getting dumped on by God's tears - a likely occurrence if you're seeing, like Ariana Grande or Lionel Richie, whose music moves even God to tears - you better stick a second umbrella in one of your backpack's mesh side pockets, because the BoozeBrella comes with flask-only functions.

By that I mean the base of the BoozeBrella is a 9-ounce food-grade container with a threaded pour top you can seal off with the umbrella handle lid. The flask also comes with a set of 3 leak-proof lid seals and a "speed pourer" you can stick inside your bottle of whiskey / vodka / tequila to make the transfer to the BoozeBrella spill-free.

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