Beer Head Slushie Machine

Posted: June 20, 2014
Beer Head Slushie Machine
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Mmm, forget the carbonated lager water, I'd like to pour one of those mocha porters into Kirin Ichiban's beer slushie machine. Caffeinated, drunk, and refreshed by hi-tech Japanese head: yes, that is exactly how I want to spend my summer.

Frozen Beer Slushie Makers top pints with the ultimate cap: an ice cap. Their freezing technology whips and crystallizes beer into icy, soft-serve consistency heads that keep the liquid brews beneath extra cold for up to 30 minutes in direct sunlight. Originally developed for commercial use--Kirin begin serving their slushie-topped beers in Tokyo beer gardens in 2012--the machine has undergone a redesign into the smaller household version you see here. Now enthusiasts of cold beer and Only in Japan creations can enjoy chilled pints insulated with even chiller heads at home.

Or, in lieu of spending $60 on a machine that consumes countertop space and will probably break in 2 weeks, you could turn your entire beer into a slushie for less than $15 with this throwback wonder child.

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