Augason Farms 55-Gallon Water Treatment & Storage Kit

Posted: July 16, 2020
Augason Farms 55-Gallon Water Treatment & Storage Kit
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Augason Farms uses a 55-gallon, BPA-free water barrel made from food-grade Polyethylene as the reservoir for its emergency water filtration and storage kit. From the looks of it, it's the same one Passion uses for their emergency sexy time anti-friction kit, a 55-gallon barrel of lube.

The family-sized barrel also comes with a pair of fittings (1 x 2" BTR and 1 x 2" NPS), a hand siphon pump, and a 6' siphon hose for water access. The latter two can transfer up to 5 gallons of water per minute.

Augason Farms also includes 2 bottles of Aquamira Water Treatment in the event you don't have access to potable water to fill the barrel, or want to purify it on an as-needed basis. The small bottles have enough juice to purify up to 60 gallons of water infected with bacteria, viruses, and cysts. They also have a 4-year shelf life, even after they've been opened.

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