Asobu StackNGo Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Posted: December 17, 2020
Asobu StackNGo Unbreakable Wine Glasses
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Asobu StackNGo wine glasses have many nice qualities. They are unbreakable, shatterproof if dropped, since they're made of patio- and poolside-safe plastic.They're also ultra-portable, with the stem folding into the 10-ounce cup to conserve space, and make packing up at the end of your wine drinking session a lot cleaner - no errant drops of Cab dripping all over your blankets, clothes, and car seats. And finally, StackNGo wine glasses are stackable, snapping onto one another to keep them tidy and together during transport. They even come with a carry strap in case you want to swing them to and fro' in giddy anticipation of the picnic you're about to have, the outdoor concert you're about to see, the beach you're about to frolic on, and the fat bottle of wine you're about to unStackNGo drink.

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