Aquabot - Portable Pressurized Running Water

Posted: August 06, 2013

Sometimes in the great out of doors you get gunk or crud or straight up shit on your hands and would like to clean it off without dumping out half of your water supply in the process. Sometimes it is approximately 172 degrees in the shade and although you know nothing would feel better at this moment than a cool misting shower, you have no cool misting shower on your person. And sometimes your friend Cornelius is being a whiny little bitch and needs to get jet streamed in the face. During these sometimes, Aquabot steps in.

A water bottle insert that delivers a pressurized flow, Aquabot produces 3 spray patterns: shower; stream; and mist. For those camping, picnicking, or otherwise on the go, it aims to replicate the benefits of a kitchen faucet, shower, garden hose, and water fountain all in one. Creator Lunatec devised the converter in answer to the hassles of having to:

  • Wash off in an icy lake or river.
  • Fumble around with countless wet wipes to clean chilluns' hands and faces.
  • Deal with equipment too hot or dirty to put back in the car.
  • Come to a full and complete stop on the trail to take a drink of water so as to avoid spilling it down your shirt
  • Use half the water supply in the area--or do a half ass job--cleaning up camp dishes.

Aquabot hopes to simplify these tasks--make them more convenient, efficient, possibly even fun. The insert screws into most 63mm wide-mouth water bottles (e.g., Nalgene, Camelbak), requires a few preparatory pumps, and is then ready to mist, or spray, or rocket launch at 120 psi. Actually, I don't know what the max psi is, but based on the above video demo of an Aquabot water stream nailing an aluminum sink, I'd say it's pretty alright.

Aquabot runs as a Kickstarter campaign through August 14, 2013, with pledge options for the insert only ($29), or an insert package, also containing a custom Nalgene water bottle and some additional cleaning tools ($50).

December 2013 Update: Aquabot funding was unsuccessful, and at present it does not appear that its creators have produced it for consumer purchase.

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