Adventure Chef Folding Culinary Tool Collection

Posted: September 27, 2019
Adventure Chef Kitchen Tool Collection
$49 - $249
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Chef Adam Glick cooks on yacht charters, and calls both himself and his new collection of culinary tools the "Adventure Chef." Made in partnership with kitchen knife and tool brand Messermeister, the set gives people who cook outside (in a WWOO concrete kitchen perhaps?) or in confined spaces the opportunity to own a complete set of full-sized, fold-down tools to use when they do it.

The centerpiece of the Adventure Chef Collection - ahem ladies, besides the dashing Glick himself - is its Chef's Knife. Glick and Messermeister say it's the first full-sized, professional grade folding chef's knife on the market. Whether that's true or not, I'd sure take one. What a beaut, with Messermeister's trademark German steel blade and a smooth carbonized maple handle. The blade is a little shorter than a traditional chef's knife at 6", but that's to keep it balanced at the bolster for full control during chopping and slicing tasks. It also has an open frame design so water can better flow through the handle slot during cleaning.

Additional folding culinary pieces in the Adventure Chef Collection - which you can pledge for individually or as a set - include a fillet knife, a utensil set, a peeler-parer-scaler combo, and a TPE cutting board. When you buy the whole set, the culinary tools will arrive in a waxed canvas Adventure Chef case.

The Adventure Chef Collection seeks crowdfunding on Kickstarter through October 25, 2019.

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