DangleBongs - Unbreakable Titanium Waterpipes

Posted: January 02, 2019
DangleBongs - Unbreakable Titanium Waterpipes
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DangleBongs are virtually indestructible titanium waterpipes made for outdoor adventures! Both to accompany you without breaking or weighing you down on the ones you've already planned, and to help create new ones after a round or two of DangleBong partaking.

The anti-frageelay pipes are made of surgical-grade, non-reactive titanium, and come with a titanium bowl and a cork that stores the bowl inside its DangleBong when you're not smoking. Bowls come in Raw, Green, and Rainbro colors, the latter two designed to double as one-hitters if you want to leave the DangleBong at base camp during a morning hike or skinny dip. The Raw bowl, which DangleBong has lovingly named MeggaSucc, isn't fashioned for pipe use, but does have a bigger bowl, and weighs a super light 8 grams.

DangleBongs aim at the same outdoor enthusiast demographic as Roll-Uh-Bowl portable waterpipes. Both go for unbreakability as their high-life highlight, but Roll-Uh-Bowl achieves it with a 100% silicone composition that also makes that pipe roll-a-ble.

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