Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Bong

Posted: September 03, 2015
Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Bong
$34.99 - $39.99
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Roll-uh-Bowl is your foldable, portable, indestructible bong on the go. A waterpipe for the adventurer, the backwoods trekker, the beach bum, the guy who drops, knocks, and sits on things a lot. Roll-uh-Bowl folds and stores just about anywhere when not in use thanks to its 100% silicone composition, and will inject no toxins into your body other than those summoned up by your herb of choice when lit thanks to its 100% silicone composition's Grade VI healthcare rating.

I wonder if Roll-uh-Bowl's creators thunk this one up when they were sitting around high, or when they were sitting around unable to get high because no one wanted to drag their bong to the top of Mt. Rainier.

Unfolded, Roll-uh-Bowl stands 8" tall and 1-1/2" in diameter. Smoking accoutrements include a 9mm Graffix Composite Down Stem with GLID 1-way stopper ball and a 9mm alloy eject-a-bowl. The waterpipe's creators say it will add no odor or flavor to my smoking experience. It's also dishwasher safe so, unlike every other bong I've ever used, there is a slight chance I might wash it sometime.

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