R2-D2 Virtual Laser Keyboard with Sound

Posted: August 05, 2014
R2-D2 Virtual Laser Keyboard with Sound
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Turns out R2-D2 can project more than a pretty face. And far more useful than Princess Leia's bunned mug is the droid's holographic keyboard, a new addition to the virtual QWERTY world. Like the Cube and its keychain-sized counterpart, this R2-D2 laser keyboard beams standard alphanumeric buttons onto any flat surface for typing on iOS, Android 4.0, and Windows devices. But the R2 version does it about a million times better because 1) the source of the keyboard is a lovable Star Wars icon and 2) in addition to emanating from an R2-D2 model, the virtual keyboard also makes R2-D2 sound effects.

Power on, power off, every keystroke, even volume and brightness controls have their own trademark droid sounds. Check out the video to hear them all.

The R2-D2 laser keyboard is about the size of an iPhone, and has a range of 32 feet. It connects via Bluetooth HID to pretty much any Bluetooth-enabled device. Powered by an internal rechargeable battery, it has a run time of around 2 hours and a charge time of around 3. The keyboard projects its 68 keys over an area of 3.9" x 9.4".

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