Keychain Laser Virtual Keyboard

Posted: November 20, 2012
Keychain Laser Virtual Keyboard
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The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard is cool, but palm-sized? Come on, technology, you can do better than that. Let me see thumb-sized. Let me see belly button-sized. Let me see...oh, you have thumb-sized now? A Keychain Laser Virtual Keyboard? OK, that's a good start.

Brookstone's Keychain Virtual Keyboard--currently on back order due to overwhelming demand--fits unobtrusively 'round my key loop for easy transport when I do not feel like typing, and then, bam!, projects a full-on QWERTY keyboard onto any flat surface in sexy red laser when I do. The device connects via Bluetooth to smartphones and tablets, and follows finger movements and keystrokes with its combination of advanced optics and hawk retinas. A rechargeable lithium ion battery (USB cord included) keeps it juiced up during the penning of manifestoes on the legalization of marijuana and love letters to the beauteous brunette who always stops to let her Shih Tzu take a crap on the planting strip outside my bedroom window.

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