Hoglet Fidget Mouse

Posted: October 25, 2020
Hoglet Fidget Mouse
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Thank you, Hoglet fidget mouse, for bringing me a piece of unexpected joy this week. Though designed - in the likeness of an adorable hedgehog - for kiddos with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and other "learning differences," I imagine this colorful and tactile little computer wand is going to be a big hit with all kinds of kids. Not to mention the ladies, who will surely dote over not just the Hoglet's precious appearance, but its precious name as well. So thank you again, Hoglet fidget mouse, bringing all of us unexpected gifts for the kids and gifts for the girlfriends this holiday season.

According to Hoglet Mouse maker HedgeHog Health, the physical stimulation their piece of tech provides compared to standard trackpads, keyboards, and mice serves as "a comforting bridge between the familiar physical world and the virtual world of the computer screen. It anchors a child's attention and has a calming, centering effect." Being so dang cute also provides visual interest, and will probably make your young'un look at the mouse like an interactive toy and animal buddy. You can describe virtual schooling, homework, and other otherwise tedious computer activities as "Hoglet playtime." Your kid can pet and play make-believe with his or her Hoglet. Give it a name. Maybe even buy it a Harinezumi Hedgehog Carry House.

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