Gryphon High Security & Parental Control WiFi Router

Posted: May 18, 2020
Gryphon High Security & Parental Control WiFi Router
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Gryphon's first foray into wifi routers worthy of their integration into both your home internet use and your home decor came a couple of years ago with the Gryphon Tower, an all-in-one mesh system with a sexy twist. Since then Gryphon has introduced the Guardian, a smaller, more affordable little brother to the Tower. The Guardian maintains all of the same functions as the Tower, such as advanced security protection and parental controls, plus is sized for linking up with a Tower, or other individual Guardian units, to create an expanded mesh wifi system.

To provide hack, malware, and privacy protection, the Guardian can send daily security updates to your Gryphon app, serve as an ad blocker, and scan all of your devices, including IoTs for vulnerabilities. A Gryphon HomeBound service can encrypt and route back all of your smartphone data to your Gryphon home router to protect you remotely, while ESET Technology can offer intelligent intrusion detection and malware filtering protection. Note the latter 2 services come with free 3- and 6-month trial periods, but then require a paid subscription.

As for the Guardian's parental controls, well, I didn't have any kids to test those out on, but I did have a wife overdue for a high quality practical joke - I can't believe it's been 5 years since the Peeping Creeper. So I used my Gryphon test unit to take parental control of all her favorite websites. Attempts to load Haute Look, Jezebel, Food & Wine, and Bravo TV dot com took her to something like the following message: "The website you tried to access, hautelook.com, is not allowed for your age group. To access this website, you can send a request to your parent." Ha! Haha! Muahahaha!

She was so confused. Which led to frustrated. Which led to super duper tee'd off, and threatening to rescind her offer to bake me the peach pie I requested for my birthday. I immediately unblocked the sites.

Each unit Gryphon Guardian unit carries a coverage area of up to 1,800 square feet (the Tower goes up to 3,000) and delivers internet speeds of up to 550 Mbps (Tower = 1.3 Gbps).

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