Glove80 Ergonomic Keyboard

Posted: January 27, 2022
Glove80 Ergonomic Keyboard
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This keyboard is begging for a high-five. And not just because the Glove80 is a keyboard split in two, and contoured to look roughly like a left and right hand (OK, left and right mitt) that will end up giving you some skin every time you touch it. The Glove80 is also the result of over 500 prototypes and ergonomic A/B tests, so designers MoErgo feel their wireless keyboard will give you the best, most comfortable typing experience you've ever had. An experience that will make you want to look to the keyboard at the end of each day and say, "High-five!"

The "80" in Glove80 indicates the number of keys available to you on the board, which is largely customizable. The keyboard supports any key layout, including COLEMAK and DVORAK, and all keys have uniform keycaps, so you can swap them for your preferred type or brand. You can also use a single side of the Glove80 as a one-handed keyboard for creative work or gaming.

The "Glove" in Glove80 obviously refers to its shape and appearance, one MoErgo says represents perfect ergonomics for faster, longer typing sessions, and less hand and wrist fatigue during and after. The keyboard is wireless for free placement and rearrangement, but also has USB-C support if you want to plug in (say, for gaming, to minimize latency). It can connect to up to 3 Bluetooth LE devices and 1 USB device simultaneously.

If you want to learn more about MoErgo's Glove80, head over to the ergonomic keyboard's Kickstarter campaign page, where you'll also have the opportunity to back the project through February 24, 2022.

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