CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall

Posted: October 10, 2017
CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall
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This CUJO won't attack you like Stephen King's rabid dog, but if the smart firewall does its job, it will point that aggression towards the malware, ransomware, viruses, and other a-hole hacker moves vying to steal and corrupt your data. CUJO was designed as an advanced antivirus that protects the security of your laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, all of your connected devices.

CUJO stands between your devices and the internet, a security gateway that sends packet meta data (but not pull packets) to the cloud for device behavior analysis. Comparing your traffic to commercial internet security threat feeds, CUJO is able to block unauthorized IPs from connecting to your wired / wireless home networks.

So how much will CUJO integration cost you in internet speeds? They say nothing. The firewall has built-in 1GB ethernet to leave your network speed unaffected by the appended security. It connect to WiFi in your choice of 2 modes, directly using DHCP mode, or via a bridge mode for networks with multiple routers / modems.

In addition to securing all devices connected to your WiFi router from digital evil villains, CUJO also comes with parental controls for blocking the kiddos (and friends Cornelius) from accessing inappropriate sites on your service. You can apply the controls to all connected devices, or cherry pick the ones not controlled entirely by you.

Once CUJO is installed, you can check on your internet security and see whether the smart firewall's been working hard, scouring the web for intruders, or reading Reddit all day from your iOS or Android phone.

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