BreakWooden Wood & Resin Keyboard Wrist Rests

Posted: March 24, 2022
BreakWooden Wood & Resin Keyboard Wrist Rests
$53.40 - $83.40
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BreakWooden transforms wood nuggets and resin goo into a collection of striking, nod-to-nature keyboard wrist rests. We've certainly seen these two materials come together before in a similar fashion to make coffee tables, jewelry, and even keycaps, but the wood and resin wrist rests are nice because they provide both a calming presence as you toil away on your computer, and a bit of respite for the joints and tendons in your arms.

At printing, the BreakWooden wrist rest collection included ocean, mountain, and river scenes, some more abstract in aesthetic, and others hand made with fishies, flora, and divers sealed inside.

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