Bauhutte Knee Cushion Laptop Table

Posted: June 11, 2023
Bauhutte Knee Cushion Laptop Table
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No desk? No problem. The Bauhutte Knee Cushion Laptop Table is a useful and snazzy gift for teens and students without a lot of space to do their work (and, more importantly, their gaming). The spin on a lap desk could also be a handy addition to your own grown self's WFH office, especially on days you want to turn WFH into WFBed.

The BHT-700C is a 3-piece, U-shaped design that anchors around your waist and provides a stable laptop surface from both straight- and cross-legged positions on a chair, lounger, bed, or floor. The cushion's soft stuffing is accessible via a zipper, so you can adjust the loft to suit your height and slouching tendencies, and the sides of the table have various pouches and slots sewn in to hold snacks, phones, cables, and other pieces of tech and gaming gear.

In addition to the U-shaped base, the BHT-700C has an incline cushion and hard top plate, the former for angling your laptop and mouse / pad towards you, and the latter to provide more stability. These pieces fasten onto the base and each other, and are swappable and removable according to preference.

Bauhutte's Knee Cushion Laptop Table isn't nearly as lit as the brand's Gaming Beds, but it's a lot more affordable, especially for younger gamers who have to buy their own gaming gear, or whose parents have stopped indulging them because they lost a bunch of money in the stock market last year and are freaking out about continued inflation.

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