Squito Throwable 360 Camera

Posted: July 14, 2013

I'm not sure grad student Jonas Pfeil would agree that Serveball's Squito is the "world's first intelligent throwable camera", given that he too has developed a ball with which to capture 360 degrees of snapshots during up-down tossing adventures. However, both entities have equal stake to the claim of having designed and prototyped and made Websites about and compiled hi-res photos of a throwable panoramic camera, without actually producing a throwable panoramic camera I can go to the camera store (in the same way Dude Facebook fan Brent W. goes to the "pizza store") and buy.

Serveball says that Squito remains in development phases, and currently has no ETA on production or consumer availability. They anticipate the camera's eventual price will settle in at "affordable". Still, if you want to know more prior to forgetting all about it for the next x months/years until suddenly there it sits on the virtual shelves of Amazon, please read on.

When ejected from human hands, Squito captures stable, 360-degree photography and video using embedded orientation sensors, position sensors, and high-speed, wide-angle cameras (Pfeil's version incorporates 36, 2-megapixel cell phone cameras). Intended applications include sports, fly-through video, aerial POV, and Steadicam/dolly-free tracking. Serveball technology also meets required operational and performance standards for reconnaissance missions, such as search-and-rescue, first responder, tactical operations, and me standing outside my friend Cornelius' bedroom window when he claims to be in there with a lady, but really I suspect he's by himself watching Wild Things with a coupla Krispy Cremes and a 55-gallon barrel of lube.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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