Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

Posted: November 17, 2011

Isn't everything that isn't a Kardashian bank account or body part supposed to be getting smaller? Especially image-capturing devices. But this throwable ball camera is uncomfortably large. It appears to have the same circumference as both the stick man's and the Asian girl's heads in the demo video. So while the possibility of harnessing the power of 36, 2-megapixel cell phone cameras to capture spherical panoramas of massive crowds and remote natural wonders sounds badass, the reality of toting around a padded lime green globe the size of an adult female's head to score the shot somewhat diminishes its appeal. As, for many, does the requirement of basic ball-handling skills for the camera's successful operation. Best to practice throwing straight up and not butter fingering the catch in your backyard before taking it to the Grand Canyon, eh?

Still, considering the ball camera was created by young Jonas Pfeil for his student thesis project, it is quite impressive. Not to mention exponentially cooler than everyone else's thesis about feminism in dynastic Chinese literature and the importance of kindergarten in creating social intelligence in single-celled organisms.

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