Lytro Immerge - Light Field VR Camera

Posted: November 06, 2015

Lytro Immerge brings the Light Field to cinematic virtual reality. Though intended more for professionals than YouTube hobbyists, the forthcoming spaceship of a camera says it can create "lifelike presence" in live action recordings thanks to the aliens living inside it its six degrees of freedom tech. I could tell you more about what that means, but: 1) since we're talking visuals and VR you can better see for yourself by watching the video; and 2) I'm not really a camera person, or a tech person, so I'd probably just F up the explanation anyway.

What I can report is that Lytro first made a name for itself as a "Living Pictures" camera, one that records the entire Light Field of an image when you point and shoot. It allows you to tweak both the focus and the perspective of your photos, or view the shots in 3D, after you've taken them. Lytro's original and Illum cameras have both been on the market (albeit with mixed reviews) for a while now, and, unlike the Immerge, are a-OK for non- and semi-professional use.

In terms of what the Immerge can bring to live-action recordings, Lytro says its camera can "seamlessly" blend live action with computer graphics using its Light Field data. Post-recording the Immerge offers configurable capture and playback views analogous to the Living Pictures cameras, so the overall experience of watching an Immerge recording should be more intense and immersive.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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