Autonomous Drone Filming System

Posted: May 07, 2014
$949 - $1,149
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The battle cry of Next Level Aerial Filming's forthcoming autonomous drone system: Get stupidly good-looking aerial shots. Stupidly good-looking. Can't go wrong with that. The system pairs with most drones, action cameras, and smartphones currently on the market, turning them into a synced and intelligent, well-oiled flying machine that can track the user or user's designated subject autonomously. Creators Squadrone Systems, a group of "really cool guys with even cooler ideas set in the beautiful Alps," hope you'll agree Next Level Aerial Filming produces photos and videos heretofore unparalleled without incurring the costs of hiring a photographer, a pilot, and a helicopter to follow you around the slopes or over the wall at the Playboy Mansion.

The Next Level system endeavors to make aerial filming accessible to anyone. The really cool guys deem it 100% crash-safe and the data it records crisp, stable, and extra-smooth. Everything you do, everywhere you go should be recordable as professional, sick-angled images and videos previously reserved for Hollywood-level tech and budgets. Squadrone Systems says their autonomous drone software will be compatible with all types of drones, including 3D Robotics, Pocket Drone, and Parrot, plus all action cameras, from GoPro to Reflex to Red Epic.

Further, the Next Level Aerial Filming system was designed to function intuitively, with no learning curve for the user. When ready to record, a smartphone interface depicting a 3D model of the camera's point of view will enable framing shots with finger swipes and pinches. Here users can set the distance between subject and drone, sliding laterally for panning and vertically for height. Once framing is complete, press "Start" to send the drone to its precise initial filming position, where it will hover until the subject begins to move. Any movement thereafter, even slight steps and pivots, will activate a drone response. The Next Level software will prompt it to automatically reposition itself so it continuously matches filming settings. The drone will track the subject's exact trajectory and capture every move.

Squadrone Systems anticipates its first batch of the Next Level Aerial Filming system to be ready sometime during Summer 2014. Those interested in getting their hands on the introductory run can sign up here to be notified when the software is ready. Cost is as-yet unannounced.

July 2014 Update: The Next Level Aerial Filming system, branded the HEXO+ recently completed a very successful crowdfunding campaign. Those who missed out being a Kickstarter backer can still pre-order their drone on the HEXO+ Website--follow the link below.

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