HD HERO2 GoPro Camera

Posted: August 25, 2012
HD HERO2 GoPro Camera
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The HERO2 GoPro Camera, an upgrade of the company's original wearable 1080p HD video and stills shooter, is a dream gadget if you are A) capable of doing cool shit with a bike, skateboard, surfboard, parachute, or Jetpack, or B) not capable of doing cool shit with any of the aforementioned, but are willing to injure yourself trying as a potential means of making money off YouTube. Or at least garnering sympathy from hot chicks who feel sorry for you.

The HD HERO2 camera package also includes a waterproof (up to 197'), shockproof, daredeviling-idiotproof polycarbonate case that attaches to a helmet, handlebars, or other adrenaline-based gear to capture professional quality video of 30 frames per second at 1080p, or 60 fps at 720p. Still shots snap at 11 megapixels. A headband-style strap allows for fitting the camera over a head or helmet; a set of curved and flat adhesive mounts enable the camera's securing to an empty surface; and a rugged tube clamp makes for easy mounting on a variety of locations on a bicycle or motorcycle, or wind/kitesurfing apparatuses.

Check out the full specs and poetic waxing on awesomeness, as well as the HERO2's side-by-side comparison with the Original Recipe HERO, after the jump to the product's Amazon listing.

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