RXBARs - Whole Food Protein Bars

Posted: May 07, 2017
RXBARs - Whole Food Protein Bars
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There are now as many kinds of protein bars in the grocery store as there are cereal, chips, and cookies. But unlike the second group, most of which I will eat by the trough, I find that the majority of protein bars Suck. Big. Doodie. And, full disclosure, it's possible that 11 out of the 12 RXBAR flavors belong in the Sucks Big Doodie Club too, because I've tried, and really need try, only one: the Chocolate Sea Salt.

Eating my first Chocolate Sea Salt RXBAR was like when Warren Beatty met Annette Bening. The player left the field. I didn't need to keep sampling the hundreds and hundreds of protein bars I'd been eating for a week here, a couple weeks there anymore. I'd found my protein bar soul mate. You think I'm exaggerating but, to steal an ingredient from RXBAR's recipe, this is no B.S.

All RXBARs are made with minimal, pronounceable ingredients, with a base of dates, egg whites, and some type(s) of nut. True, they have a more modest 12 grams of protein, rather than an artificially packed 20 to 25, but they also manage to limit sugar to 12 grams without fake add-ins, and without making you feel like you're eating chewy chalk. To me the Chocolate Sea Salt bar tastes like a more intense, sophisticated Tootsie Roll (sophisticated because sophisticated eaters all seem to sprinkle salt on sweets now.)

Other RXBAR flavors include Pumpkin Spice and Mixed Berry, which I have no interest in trying, and Maple Sea Salt and Peanut Butter Chocolate, which I guess I would try if they ran out of the Chocolate Sea Salt ones, but that better not ever F'ing happen.

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