Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Nuts

Posted: March 26, 2016
Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Nuts

Oh nuts, I just burned off a few hundred more taste buds (good thing the Internet says they'll grow back in a couple of weeks.) Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Nuts kiss an 8-ounce tin of everyone's favorite anaphylactic shock allergen with a dusting of everyone's favorite dare stimulant. Peanuts meet Naga Jolokia. Get your EpiPens and payouts ready.

Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Nuts must be either so unbelievably good, or so unbelievably strong that they make for a good prank because the ultra-spicy peanuts have over 200 reviews on Amazon, with a 4-1/2-star average. Comments include:

Some reviewers claim Da Bomb's ghost pepper is prohibitively hot--they can eat only 2 or 3 of the nuts at a time--while others say they have an undeniable kick, but also a pleasing flavor and saltiness to them. I'll let you know what my friend Cornelius thinks after I stir them into his Chex Mix.

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