Cookie & Candy Bar Popcorn

Posted: March 29, 2021
Cookie & Candy Bar Popcorn

Toasted oat pieces and marshmallow bits? Nah, try crispy kernels of popcorn tumbled together with black & white Oreos, orange Butterfingers, tri-tone brown Snickers, rainbow M&Ms, and chestnut Chips Ahoy. Those are the Lucky Charms I'm talkin' about.

Some of your favorite mouth-pleasing, sugar-laden cookies and candy bars have joined forces with one of your favorite mouth-pleasing, salt-laden crunchy snacks to form Cookie Pop and Candy Pop Popcorn. And, as the bag clip included with purchases of this 10-bag listing points out, to "Make Your Day." The new mashup treats come from Snack Pop Coated Popcorn, a brand that somehow got the rights from Mars, Nestle, and Nabisco to toss crushed up bits of their finest fare with puffed kernels o' corn to create a new kind of snack magic.

Here you can get 2 bags each of Oreo, Butterfinger, M&M's Minis, Snickers, and Chips Ahoy Snack Pop. Individual bags, other combos, and a Twix flavor that is sadly missing from this mix are also available, both on Amazon and directly from Snack Pop.

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