Beer-Flavored Potato Chips

Posted: October 30, 2012
Beer-Flavored Potato Chips
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The only reasons I can think of to eat beer-flavored potato chips are that I like beer and I like potato chips. And I don't like dipping my potato chips in my beer because when one absorbs too much liquid and breaks off to the bottom, unlike when Oreos break off into milk, it is not pleasing to the palate to drink a mass of soggy, beer-soaked chips along with your last sip. Anyway, about these chips, which remove the need to beer-dunk entirely. Sprecher Brewing Company of Milwaukee fashioned the kettle variety out of standard Russets laced with magical beer dust dehydrated from their Sprecher Special Amber, a malty, medium-bodied German-style lager. The overall effect, according to taste testers, is crunchy, salty, and slightly sweet, and the thicker cut of the kettle chip makes them prime dunking candidates for a bowl of cheese dip.

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