Old Bay Hot Sauce

Posted: January 29, 2020
Old Bay Hot Sauce
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McCormick has launched an Old Bay Hot Sauce just in time for the Super Bowl, and my Spidey Spicy Sense tells me it's hot in more ways than one: at printing, when I tried to access the McCormick online store to purchase some Old Bay Hot Sauce I kept getting a 502 Bad Gateway error, and other links on the product page indicating where to buy some weren't working either. Guess people be lovin' them the idea of "Tangy with a kick of heat and Old Bay's unique blend of herbs and spices."

Once the acquisition process is sorted out and you've got your bottle of Old Bay Hot Sauce, McCormick recommends dumping it into your chili, soups, and stews. I'd think shrimp and oysters, fresh or fried, would be pretty high on the list too. And if you're planning a DIY Hot Sauce Challenge for halftime at your Super Bowl party, Old Bay has now got you covered there too.

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