Ujjo Hot Sauce for Coffee

Posted: March 12, 2022
Ujjo Hot Sauce for Coffee
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Mama Mia, that's a spicy m-...cup of coffee? Ujjo hot sauce for coffee is here to spice up your morning brew. In a good way, if you agree that Lauren D'Souza's hours of experimenting and taste testing during quarantine have paid off.

Ujjo isn't just about layering a gimmicky punch of spice heat on top of the steaming temperatures of a hot cup of coffee. The sauce is spicy, yes, but instead of adding acid to acid with a vinegar base, Ujjo combines subtle sweeteners and warm spices with its chili peppers, and swirls them into a water-based sauce. A sauce intended to enhance your coffee in a way that makes you want to drink it for pleasure, not just to win a dare.

At printing, D'Souza had Dark Roast and Light Roast Ujjo Hot Sauce blends. The Dark Roast pairs cinnamon, cocoa, and vanilla with ground pasilla, guajillo, red hatch, ghost chili peppers. The Light Roast goes for ginger, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and dried orange peel blended with pasilla, cayenne, chili de arbol, and ghost chili.

In addition to steaming cups of coffee, D'Souza encourages spice fans and would-be Hot Ones contestants to try Ujjo Hot Sauce in their tea and cocktails, and over ice cream.

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