Toast! Before You Drink Gummies

Posted: December 05, 2019
Toast! Before You Drink Gummies
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I've seen "adult gummies" meant to get you F'd up, but Toast! Before You Drink Gummies are adult gummies that claim to prevent it. Or at least the hangover that follows. The headache. The ass-breath cotton mouth belching forth flavors of rancid whiskey and Coke. The churning stomach that doesn't know whether it wants a pile of bacon or a pile of barf bags. Maybe the second one, and then the first one. Wouldn't want to waste all that good bacon.

The market is already flooded with hangover cures and preventions, but Toast! Before You Drink Gummies believe they can give booze the ol' Care Bear Stare in a brand new, much simpler, and more effective way. According to Toast!, "Before You Drink Gummies are designed to stop the body's immune response [to alcohol] from ever happening."

The Toast! proprietary formula looks to do 2 major things: 1) break down internal acetaldehyde, a chemical compound produced in the liver when you drink, and one of the leading causes of hangovers; and 2) reduce inflammation, which has a huge hand in creating sinus pressure, headache pain, and bloating.

For the first, Toast! adds green tea and milk thistle extracts, plus n-acetylcysteine (NAC) to increase glutathione levels; glutathione is a compound your body produces to break down acetaldehyde, but when you drink, it can't do this fast enough.

Green tea and milk thistle extract and NAC are also anti-inflammatory agents, as is the prickly pear extract Before You Drink Gummies also include in the mix.

Toast! points out that, despite the fun lovin' gummy bear look and feel, Before You Drink Gummies aren't candy, and therefore do not taste like it. What do they taste like? "Strong." If they're too strong for your delicate palate, Toast! suggests, uh, mixing them with something stronger. Your favorite liquor to kick of the night with a Toast! and a (Before You Drink) Gummy Bear shot.

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