The Death Nut Challenge Version 2.0

Posted: December 03, 2018
The Death Nut Challenge Version 2.0
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Anyone who likes spicy foods and a challenge will be delighted to receive this carefully selected 5-pack of Death Nuts under the tree this year. And everyone else will be equally stoked for the post-gift-opening entertainment watching the recipient take The Death Nut Challenge Version 2.0 will provide.

A bigger! better! hotter! follow-up to Blazing Foods' original Death Nut Challenge, Version 2.0 sticks with the Carolina Reaper variety of chili pepper as its star, but has created new 6-pepper blends to...uh...pepper across its peanut canvases. The 5 peanuts included in the challenge increase in heat / spice intensity as you work your way through them.

The final nut in the challenge, the titular Death Nut, has a sprinkling of 13,000,000 SHU pure Capsaicin Crystals, which are much more effective than soap if you need to clean out a dirty mouth. At least that's what my mama tells me. As she laments not having had access to 13,000,000 SHU pure Capsaicin Crystals when I was a kid.

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