Mother's Day Kentucky Fried Buckquet

Posted: April 26, 2022
Mother's Day Kentucky Fried Buckquet

The Kentucky Fried Buckquet, available between May 1 and May 3, 2022 to honor Mother's Day, isn't as cool as it sounds. Which is unfortunate, because it sounds awwwesommme.

A release seemingly on par with the KFC 11 herbs & Spices Firelog, the Kentucky Fried Buckquet is actually a collaboration between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Proflowers, that requires mostly DIY work, and arrives mostly as a bouquet of flowers, which you must then buy and arrange chicken throughout using some included skewers.

Further, Kentucky Fried Buckquets for Mama are even more gimmicky in that they are available only to chicken fiends who order a KFC Sides Lovers Meal between May 1 and 3, and do so via the KFC mobile app or kfc.com (i.e., not in person in a physical KFC). Those dudes and ladies will then get a promo code to redeem their Kentucky Fried Buckquet kit from Proflowers.

What Proflowers ships is 12 roses in different colors, a glass vase, a KFC vase applique, 8 skewers, and a card. Eh. I think my mama would rather have an Avocado Ripeness Ranker as a Mother's Day gift.

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