French's Mustard Skittles

Posted: July 29, 2023
French's Mustard Skittles

If you think French's Mustard Skittles - bags of monotone yellow Skittles flavored not like lemon, but French's Mustard - are a wild and crrraaazy idea!, well. You must have missed the National Mustard Day celebratory product / media ploy / queasy combination of mustard and sugar French's put out a few summers ago: Yellow Mustard Ice Cream. I didn't miss it. To me, French's Mustard Skittles are the natural next step. My only disappointment is that the ice cream was a limited edition run, so I won't be able to make a French's Mustard Ice Cream sundae topped with French's Mustard Skittles, and covered in...French's Mustard.

French's idea of putting their Mustard Skittles on a hot dog is a pretty good alternative, though. Mmm, bun, beef, and corn-sugar-based condiment - talk about a symphony of flavors and textures!

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