Coca-Cola with Coffee

Posted: January 29, 2021
Coca-Cola with Coffee

Coca-Cola with Coffee. Um...yum? Ew? I don't know. I like Coke. I like coffee. Sometimes putting two things you love together is magical, and sometimes it's a disaster. Sometimes they hate each other. Sometimes they get along so well they become testicular BFFs and shut you out from the friendship altogether. Coca-Cola, coffee, what's it gonna be here? Are you going to give me a new addiction? Are you going to make me vomit up caramel-colored carbonation and swear off both Coke and coffee altogether? Are you going to bubble and brew my wife off her feet and entice her to leave me for you?

Trying this Co-Co & Co concoction is a risky proposition. But I'm nothing if not a beverage risk taker. Coca-Cola with Coffee, let's see what kind of taste-bud and caffeine-in-the-blood explosion you've got.

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