After Dinner Nipples - Mint Chocolate Boobies

Posted: February 19, 2021
After Dinner Nipples - Mint Chocolate Boobies
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Care for a nip of mint to cleanse your palate? ... And dirty your mind? After Dinner Nipples are mint chocolate boobie treats made in the spirit of After Eight Mints, and molded in homage to mankind's other favorite after dinner treat.

Those of you who like to keep abreast of the latest food trends probably know that After Dinner Nipples are just one of many human body part confectionaries available to you. And I'm not just talking Conversation Hearts and gummy feet here. We have Edible Anus Chocolates, After Dinner Nipples' male counterpart, After Dinner Willies, and for those with a hunger for revenge, Eat a Dick, an anatomically correct 5" penis available to send anonymously to someone you hate.

No? Just here for the titties? OK, After Dinner Nipples come in boxes of 10 / sets of 5 (since you know you can't motorboat, er, eat just one) and, in a classy deviation from Nestle's After Eight Mint recipe, are made as unflavored dark chocolate nipple shells filled with rich mint fondant. So, just like in real life, you have to suck through the soft and nummy nipple to get to the sweet and succulent milk. And again, just like in real life, not a bad gig.

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