Viveltre Gourmet Marshmallows

Posted: September 26, 2014
Viveltre Gourmet Marshmallows
$5.99 - $9.99
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Today's Lesson: If you're going to eat...hold on, let me count...30 jumbo marshmallows for breakfast, they may as well be jumbo marshmallows that are F'ing. Delicious. Viveltre, confectioner and administrator of my lesson, makes 14 different flavors of gourmet marshmallows. And so that I feel slightly less guilty for jamming all 6 of my assortment's Salted Caramel Blondies in my mouth at once, they also craft them from minimal, all-natural ingredients.

Sticking it to Stay Puft Viveltre creates delicate, texturally utopian marshmallows for both individual (rabid) consumption and as S'mores centers, ice cream toppings, and melted in hot drinks. Bases are made of Fiji water, pure cane sugar, Madagascar vanilla bean, gelatin, and salt, and then intensified with real juiced and zested fruit, fresh brewed coffee, top shelf alcohol, and brands such as Oreo, Nutella, and Guinness. Even the candied bacon in the Bacon Bourbon Sutra marshmallows is homemade.

Marshmallow flavors are sold by the half dozen and dozen, shipped the day they're ordered, and arrive within 2 to 3 days. Viveltre says they will stay fresh in an airtight container for at least 2 weeks, or frozen for up to 3 months. Each marshmallow is a 1.25" cube that melts and toasts as traditional marshmallows do, but quicker because it contains no chemical whipping agents. Flavors include:

  • Salted Caramel Blondie
  • The Ultimate S'Mores
  • Caribbean Island Getaway
  • Bacon Bourbon Sutra
  • Midnight Fantasy
  • Cookies & Cream Dream
  • Brown Sugar Cinnamon
  • Whiskey Orange
  • Irish Cream Delight
  • French Riviera
  • Guinness Goodness
  • Luscious Red Velvet
  • Mountain Rose Vanilla
  • Espresso Addict
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