Turkey Ice Cream Cake

Posted: November 15, 2012
Turkey Ice Cream Cake
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A merger of my two favorite things in life--ice cream and stuffing my face--Baskin Robbins' Thanksgiving Turkey Cake is back. Its return wasn't guaranteed. No, the layers of Mint Chocolate Chip and fudgy partitions shaped like everyone's favorite seasonal fowl required the assistance of "popular demand" for its reappearance on the market this year. That's Baskin Robbins' story anyway. The truth is that "popular demand" mostly constituted me writing them daily letters and emails, and occasionally Fed Exing frozen turkeys stuffed with Mocha Almond Fudge. I think the coup de grace was the live bird covered in buttercream and gel icing I let loose in their corporate offices.

And now, turkey-molded ice cream for everyone!

Turkey Cakes are custom made with buyers' choice of ice cream, accented with sugar cone drumsticks, and glazed with various permutations of sugar. Each cake serves up to 12 people (or rather, 1 person and 11 witnesses). In addition to the full bird for $32.99, BR will also sell individual sugar cone turkey legs in pairs for $7.99.

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