Internet Cookies - A Cookie Subscription for Foodies

Posted: February 09, 2020
Internet Cookies - A Cookie Subscription for Foodies

Oh Internet, I will definitely accept these Cookies. If you're a sweet snack monster, and maybe even more so if you're a foodie who needs more than the "C" in "cookie" to make it good enough for you, check out Internet Cookies, a baked cookie subscription service that ships between 1/2 and 2 dozen gourmet treats to your door every month.

Internet Cookies bake at the hand of Gaia M. Valdemarsdottir Acree and, yes, her flavors are as unique of a mouthful as her name. February's offering (pictured above): Tamarind & Sesame Cookies with Candied Coriander Seeds, Coffee & Chocolate. In January 2020, subscribers received E3 Live Blue Green Algae & Pickled Heirloom Blueberry Biscotti. December 2019 saw a Farro, Maple, Honey & Warm Spices Cookie with Sea Salt.

I mean, I can't say live blue green algae and coriander seeds would be my first choice of cookie flavorings, but the Internet Cookies all look so purdy, I'd try them all. Huh. Dangling shiny treats in front of my eyes. Guess that's how all Internet Cookies get me every time.

In addition to their standout ingredients, Ms. Gaia also uses grass fed butter, pasture raised eggs, organic stone ground flour, and organic sugar in her cookies.

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