Cake Push Pops

Posted: February 14, 2022
Cake Push-Pops
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Cake Pops, you're out. Cake Push Pops....Get! In! Mah! Belly! I'm not even a rainbows 'n' sprinkles kind of dude, but these stacked, spongy Roy G Biv treats from Flour Shop are making me all Veruca Salt levels of covetous. Hey, Mama, I want a dozen Cake Push Pops! I want you to get me a dozen Cake Push Pops right away!

Cake Push Pops are delectable desserts, treats fit for the finest of friends and the most festive of fetes. Flour Shop, helmed by baker and flour-ist extraordinaire, Amirah Kassem, ships the Pops by the dozen, through Williams Sonoma. Each cylindrical sugar rush consists of 6 layers of brightly-dyed vanilla cake held together post-pushing by smears of vanilla cream cheese frosting. Rainbow sprinkles on top cap off the color bomb.

Note: my sense is that you can definitely push a Cake Push Pop, push it for flavor, but there will be no pushing a Cake Push Pop and then saving some for later.

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