Seligo Bean-to-Cube Unrefined Dark Chocolate Cubes

Posted: January 29, 2022
Seligo Bean-to-Cube Unrefined Dark Chocolate Cubes
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Seligo Dark Chocolate Cubes aim to be as poppable as M&Ms, without all the corn syrup and Red Dye No. whatever. In fact, Seligo calls their chocolate "bean to cube" (a play on "bean to bar" and, presumably, "farm to table") meaning they make natural, unrefined cubes of chocolate from their cacao beans, and every flavor has just 3 ingredients:

  • 70% cacao beans.
  • Raw cane sugar.
  • A single spice, such a cinnamon, Sicilian sea salt, espresso, and vanilla bean.

Seligo beans undergo a cold crafting process to turn them into chocolate, and Seligo keeps its cubes unrefined by forgoing the conching step that makes other chocolates look all smooth and shiny. So, yeah, that means Seligo Chocolate Cubes are a little more gritty and rough around the edges. The tradeoff is that they retain the antioxidants and unique flavor notes of the cacao beans they came from, properties that are normally destroyed from the 230 degrees of heat administered during conching.

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