Ruby Chocolate Kit Kat Bar

Posted: December 13, 2018
Ruby Chocolate Kit Kat Bar

Ruby Chocolate Kit Kat bars aren't just white chocolate-dipped wafers dyed pink. Ruby chocolate is actually a newfangled chocolate introduced in 2017 by Belgian-Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut. The company has been secretive about how they developed "the 4th type of chocolate" (and the first new one to join milk, dark, and white in 80 years) but does say the ruby hue comes straight from ruby cacao beans.

While not ruby in color themselves, ruby cocoa beans are natural (i.e., not genetically modified) varieties from the Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Brazil that Barry Callebaut has figured out how to process into the new chocolate with no added colors or flavors. And the flavor profile is brand new too. Ruby chocolate is described as both sweet and tart, with little hint of typical chocolate's "chocolatey-ness."

Ruby Chocolate Kit Kat Bars are covered in authentic ruby chocolate made from ruby cocoa beans. They're pricy here because they ship from the UK - at printing, most ruby chocolate confections hadn't yet been released in the US. Still, if you need a gift for your girlfriend, Ruby Chocolate Kit Kat Bars aren't prohibitively expensive, and would make a unique treat for her, or anyone else who's all about the pink.

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