Koko Nuggz

Posted: October 21, 2022
Koko Nuggz
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Koko Nuggz weed-themed treats are so fun, so poppable, and so full of sugar and Rice Krispie carbs that even without the THC they'll probably get you high. Or, according to the Koko Nuggz nugget bakers, at least "shock friends and family if they watch you eat one."

Hmmm, yeah, not sure the Krispie balls are that realistic. Maybe if they watch you eat one over Zoom.

Nuggz come in over 20 flavors. All are basically Rice Krispie Treats covered in chocolate, with flavorings such as Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet Cake, Glazed Donut, and Kushberry added to suit individual tastes, and allow Koko Nuggz to create a whole line of snazzy labels for their jars.

And baggies, blunt tubes, Dabz sacks, and Krumble containers - Koko Nuggz makes an array of marijuan-derful snacks. Including, if you head to certain fine weed dispensaries, a true edible, with THC added to the Nuggz jars.

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