Jelly Belly Extreme BeanBoozled Gift Box

Posted: February 24, 2020
Jelly Belly Extreme BeanBoozled Gift Box
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Jelly Belly's Extreme BeanBoozled Gift Box stands at the ready for inclusion in your kid's Easter basket this year. You might need to cover the lid, or dump the collection of Barf, Booger, Canned Dog Food, Dead Fish, Dirty Dishwater, Rotten Egg, Skunk Spray, Stinky Socks, Spoiled Milk, and Stink Bug beans into an unmarked baggie to preserve the miserable surprise, though.

Or not. A lot of kids, my former self included, love an OMG gross! challenge. Plus, once they get through a few bites of barf and booger themselves, being able to prank their friends with the Nasty McNasterson Jelly Bellys will probably bring them more joy than a 5-pound chocolate Easter bunny would any day.

In lieu of loading up Easter baskets with the Jelly Belly Extreme BeanBoozled Gift Box, you might also consider adding them to a candy dish you set out at your next party. Or the next time your candy-dish-lovin' in-laws come over. I bet my father-in-law wouldn't even notice a Spoiled Milk Jelly Belly wasn't Coconut, though, being one of those old dudes who puts 12 different things on his plate at the Old Country Buffet, and then just mashes them all together every time he shovels in a bite.

If the 10 different gag-inducing flavors of the Jelly Belly Extreme BeanBoozled Gift Box seem too mean to trick your kids with, consider them for your adults-only Easter basket this year.

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