Best D*ck Ever Box of Chocolates

Posted: February 02, 2022
Best D*ck Ever Box of Chocolates
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A Best D*ck Ever box of chocolates. Handmade from the finest Belgian beans. Dudes, receiving a gift like this is how you know you've chosen well in life. The person gifting you this supreme compliment wrapped in a tasty treat is definitely a keeper.

Unless they're like: 1) someone you broke up with and desperately wish would leave you - and your best dick ever - alone; 2) the stranger across the street whose place your bedroom window faces; or 3) your mom*.

In that case, the Best Dick Ever box of chocolates could quickly turn into the worst gift ever, plus make for a very strange Valentine's Day for you and your actual sweetheart.

*Even if she claims she ordered the Best Son Ever box of chocolates, and they must have mixed it up in order fulfillment...not cool, Mama. Not cool.

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