Baby Yoda Marshmallow-Stuffed Chocolate Ball

Posted: October 24, 2020
Baby Yoda Marshmallow-Stuffed Chocolate Ball
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Know what a Star Wars The Mandalorian Holiday Milk Chocolate Ball filled with surprise The Child marshmallow treat means? It's time for Baby Yoda to learn what it feels like to be the frog. I can already hear a holiday chorus of Get! In! Mah! Belly! coming from Santa, Jabba, Homer Simpson, and yours truly.

The 2.12-ounce chocolate orb is about the size of your standard Christmas tree ball ornament. Taking a bite out of the shell will, of course, reveal a hollow center and a little green treasure of mysterious origins and an unidentified species.

The Mandalorian Holiday Milk Chocolate Ball and its gooey Baby Yoda center aren't the only Star Wars injections into holiday chocolate balls - you can also get one wrapped in Death Star foil with a marshmallow Stormtrooper inside. I think I would have gone with a marshmallow X-wing fighter piloted by Luke Skywalker there. Nonetheless, both holiday chocolate balls and their Mandalorian / OG Star Wars surprises will make great stocking stuffers and Star Wars gifts this year.

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