VELVEETA Veltini Kit - DIY Cheese Martini

Posted: July 23, 2022
VELVEETA Veltini Kit - DIY Cheese Martini
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Of all the gross applications of otherwise fine foods, the VELVEETA Veltini Kit is definitely...one of the better ones. Cheese, olives, vodka, vermouth, and, and Jumbo VELVEETA Shells & Cheese?! I mean, sure, it looks a little strange served in a martini glass, but that flavor combination? It's a win if I ever heard one.

Especially compared to Lucky Charms Beer and French's Mustard Ice Cream.

The VELVEETA Veltini Kit is a limited offering based on the VELVEETA Veltini you'll find on the drinks menu at BLT Steak restaurants. Here, rather than having one of BLT's bartenders shake it up, you'll get everything you need to create the potable cheesiness at home. Well, everything except the vodka and vermouth, which you have to source elsewhere.

And given the cost of the VELVEETA Veltini Kit, I'd recommend sourcing the plastic martini glasses, cocktail shaker and picks, coasters, VELVEETA-stuffed olives, VELVEETA Cheese Sauce, and VELVEETA Jumbo Shells & Cheese that come with the kit elsewhere too.

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